about me

Mixed Reality and Machine Learning Engineer and Evangelist, focusing on human understanding, computer vision, virtual and augmented reality experiences. I write code myself, and enjoy helping people unlock the power of technology and envision how they can use it in their business.

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I work at Microsoft, but this is my personal site and all opinions expressed are my own.

At Microsoft, I am driving technology partnerships, rapid prototyping and technical demos for Microsoft’s major events. I influence product strategy by channeling and validating feedback from developer ecosystem to the engineering teams, focusing on Mixed Reality, Human Understanding, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision.

I started in 1999 developing Geographic Information Systems with C++, continued with C#/.NET and C++ for Windows infrastructure tools, moved to Enterprise software design and development as a consultant and software architect, and since 2012, focused on Gaming, Graphics, Machine Learning in Computer Vision, and Mixed Reality.

Here are some things I’ve done: